This post is a request from one of my lovely followers; the history of Steph and I.

I was at a fairly low point in my life just before I met Steph. I had gone through several failed relationships, had moved back home because I wasn’t coping out on my own and had taken some time off work.  She was the ray of sunshine I needed in my life at that time! From the moment I met her I felt a sense of comfort, I knew she had a caring soul and definitely wanted her to be part of my life in some capacity. If a romantic relationship wasn’t meant to be, I knew we could develop a great friendship.

Rewind to April 14th,2012, we started chatting after connecting on Plenty of Fish – yes we are an online success story! Through the umpteen texts and emails we discovered we had many things in common; we both played various sports, we have a great respect and appreciation for animals, watching good movie is never a wasted evening and we both admire the power and beauty of the ocean.

We agreed to meet face to face for the first time at the ever so romantical Tim Horton’s! I don’t remember much of this date. I was a wee bit nervous. Was she going to be crazy? Was she going to look like what her profile showed? Would we have commonalities that would spark conversation? I wasn’t afraid for my safety because we were in such a public place, but I needed an escape plan in case things went horribly awry. I walked through the door and spotted her sitting down already, she looked like who I was expecting from the pictures I had seen…good start! The conversation was effortless and the two hours we had to chat flew by. Don’t ask me what we talked about though because I don’t have a sweet clue. Except the part where she laughed at the fact I drove a VW Bug, I do remember that. She drove a really awesome Jeep and I drove a broken little bug! I think the only reason that wasn’t a deal breaker was because I also drove a motorcycle; that was my redemption. All in all, the date was great! We planned to meet again and decided on dinner a few days later.

I was very excited for another chance to spend some time with Steph. We hit it off really well.  I decided I would take her to Berc’s Restaurant, an upscale steak house in town. She looked great! It was a Saturday night and the place was packed, luckily I had made reservations so we didn’t need to wait long. We got seated, ordered and I a great looking steak dinner arrived at my request and I couldn’t eat it! The nerves were obviously still in the game. After dinner we decided to hit the bowling alley and play an incredibly competitive game of 5 pin! (Just for the record I kicked her butt!) Another great date!

We continued to hangout as often as our schedules would allow. We had great conversations about things that were important to us, most of the time we agreed in our outlook of things but occasionally we agreed to disagree.  A heated debate is always a good time! Eventually she met my family and she fit in like she had been around forever. My parents never pass judgment and always let us form our own opinions and navigate our relationships. They would give us advice if we asked for it and tried to guide us in the right direction but never pushed their desires or beliefs on us. My parents accepted her with open arms, as they could see how happy she made me. My sisters took a little longer to warm up to her, simply because they were out living their own lives and didn’t spend as much time with us. She is now just like another sister to them.

Funny little story – about a month into our relationship, we decided that we were going to head to the beach to catch the beautiful sunset. We hoped in the Jeep and ….holy s#1^! She backed right into my car that was parked behind her! Smuck! “Drive forward, drive forward. Put the jeep in park!” We get out and my Bug has no front end. Things are leaking fluid everywhere, the headlight is hanging from a wire, the bumper is on the ground, and of course not a scratch on the Jeep. Steph is in tears, the neighbours are coming to check things out and I’m trying to hold back my amusement of it all. After the dust settles, we send the car to the garage and continue to the beach.  I don’t know if it was the guilt of hitting my car or my pure angelic charm that kept Steph coming back, but from that day on we have been inseparable. We were married in August 2015 and we have been having a blast everyday since!





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