The Waiting Game


On day 3 post IUI, Steph started on Progestrone tablets. I will spare you the details of this adventure. This “operation” would continue, at the very least, until we complete a pregnancy test. If the test comes back negative we stop the tablets; if the test comes back positive we continue the tablet for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

While we were waiting, we analyzed everything Steph felt or didn’t feel –

“Do you feel more bloated than normal?”

“Maybe your headache is because you’re pregnant?!”

“Are you tired?”

“I was really hungry today…what do you think that means?”

Even though we were doing this procedure, which seems like it should give us more of a shot at getting pregnant; our chances were no higher than a hetero couple trying to conceive naturally.  We only had about a 20% chance each cycle at pregnancy. How could this be with everything so calculated? Although the IUI puts the sperm directly into the uterus and on its way, there is still quite a journey to successful conception. The egg and sperm have to meet and mingle, the fertilized egg then has to implant itself into the lining of the uterus and it has to stay there to begin development.fertilization-1132253_1920

Nine days after our IUI, Steph starts spotting. Maybe, just maybe, (holding on to every last inch of hope) it is implantation bleeding? We decide to test. She does the ever so lovely peeing on a stick trick and again we wait! Neither of us wanted to be the first to look; we had been blissfully unaware and cautiously optimistic during the time between the IUI and testing.

It was negative.That was ok. In our minds we knew we would be very lucky if we were successful on the first try, although our hearts ached for it to happen.

Back to Day 1 and we call the clinic.


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